NTUU-KPI News server INFO

NNRP access

NTUU KPI users can read and post messages with NNRP via news.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua:119 news server.
Other users - read and post via news.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua:119, but, seen only ntu-kpi.* and ukr.* hierarchies.

Peering Policy

All peerings:

Peering Details

Path: news.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua
Accept from: XYZ-out.news.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua
Feed to: XYZ-in.news.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua
XYZ will be specific for each peer
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Software: Linux, INN 2.4.0
Contact: <newsmaster[at]ntu-kpi.kiev.ua>
Hierarchies: Individually per peer

Mantained by KPI-Telecom.
Please email questions/comments or things you would like added to Newsmaster.